Advanced Technologies for Quality Dental Care

At Peoria Dental Care, we are proud to use the most advanced technology available in the dental industry. Each of our treatment rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and tools that allow our dentists to provide anxiety-free dental care. Some of the advanced technology we use include:

Laser Dentistry

If you hate going to the dentist because of needles, drilling, or the numbness that comes with anesthetics, laser dentistry may be the right fit for you. With laser dentistry energy is delivered in the form of light, and depending on the intended results the energy will travel at different wavelengths and are absorbed by the targeted area.

Laser dentistry can be used for tooth and soft tissue procedures, and generally no local anesthesia is needed which means no numb feeling during your appointment. With laser dentistry there is no use of heat or vibration, so the procedure is much more comfortable for the patient. When used on soft tissue, there is no incision made which means no suturing needed and allows for much faster healing. Lasers can also be used to help diagnose cavities and find hidden decay in its early stages.

3D X-rays

Peoria Dental Care is proud to provide patients with 3D x-ray technology, known as Galileos® 3D Cone Beam. The Galileos 3D diagnostic system is a piece of equipment that creates 3D images of the patient's entire jaw in only a matter of seconds. This allows our patients to get in and out of our office in a much more timely fashion, and allows our staff to diagnose problems with higher accuracy. These 3D scans provide our team with much more detailed images than traditional x-rays.

With the addition of the Galileos 3D diagnostic system to our dental office, it ensures that we can provide the highest quality of dental care and ensure every patient receives the most comfortable care possible.

Intraoral Cameras

The intraoral camera is a very small camera that allows our team to take pictures of the patient's mouth and teeth. These images enable the our practice to view clear, precise images of the mouth, teeth, and gums, in order for Dr. Wynn or Dr. Roberts to accurately make a diagnosis. Clear, enlarged images allows for details to bee seen that might otherwise have been missed by standard mirror examinations.

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